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Bohrtec GmbH

Nomor booth: D7-13

Tentang kami

The company Bohrtec, situated in Aachen, Germany, has been designing and manufacturing machines for the trenchless construction of sewers since more than 30 years.

The boring machines have clearly demonstrated their superiority over open trench construction with regard to technical, economical and ecological aspects. More than 1 Mio. m performed by Bohrtec auger boring machines have proved this fact.

All compact machines can be operated guided or unguided. Compared to the conventional microtunneling machines the guided auger boring machines are very cost-effective and simple to use and have been steadily developed by Bohrtec over the last 30 years. Today these machines can be used in almost all ground conditions and under ground-water.

Different drilling heads for different ground conditions and diameters, Front Steer for drilling in non-displaceable soil and rock and the Hole Opener for precise installation of plastic pipes are available.

Produk dan jasa

BM 400

BM 400

BM 400-S
Jacking force: 125t
Torque (max.): 20.000 N/m
OD of pipes (max.): 620mm
Length launch shaft: 2,0m

BM 500-S

BM 500-S

BM 500-S
Jacking force: 200t
Torque (max.): 30.000 N/m
OD of pipes (max.): 1020mm
Length launch shaft: 3,20m

BM 600-LSC

BM 600-LSC

BM 400-LSC
Jacking force: 250t
Torque (max.): 50.000 N/m
OD of pipes (max.): 1280mm
Length launch shaft: 3,30m

Berita & Inovasi

Bohrtec NEWS 


Bohrtec GmbH
Konrad–Zuse–Str. 24
52477 Alsdorf

Telp.: +49 240 498810
Faks.: +49 240 4988110

Tim Uffmann
Sales Manager
Telp.: +49 174 2141294

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